Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ancient Women

Two interesting articles on ancient women.

Frank Chadwick @ Great History - Ancient Persia's Remarkable Women
But it is worth remembering that over two thousand years ago Persian women enjoyed rights that American women fought to gain as recently as the last century.

And following on from the discovery in China of an ancient man with "celtic" features, comes the Loulan Beauty. Malcolm J @ Heritage Key writes:
An even older Tarim mummy than Cherchen Man is the 4,000-year-old Loulan Beauty – discovered near the town of Loulan – who too has long, flowing fair hair, and features that look to be of Nordic origin. All of these European migrants seem to have been peaceful folk, since very few weapons have been found in their graves, or valuable goods that suggest evidence of a caste system.

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Minnie said...

These ethnic European mummies in China are fascinating. Pictures of the woman show remnants of a kind of plaid garment. How? Why? As you say, these were clearly peaceful settlers - which somehow makes the problem of their identity and location even more complicated! Hope some of the questions raised by this mystery will be answered.