Friday, September 25, 2009

Comanche Nation Honours Women

From KAUZ:
It's a long-honored tradition brought to life in Lawton. The Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center paid tribute to the Comanche women who owned, built and moved their homes by building a full-size teepee in front of the museum.

The teepee is one of a kind, painted by a local Comanche artist. Organizers say the raising of the teepee has a great historical importance to the Comanche nation.

Phyllis Wahahrock-Tsi, Museum Director, said "The significance of Comanche women raising the tepee is one role that women played historically among the Comanche women, so this is one way we're able to educate the young children, especially the Comanche children and the Lawton/Fort s=Sill community here."

The teepee will be on display through Sunday (September 26th) in front of the museum located at 701 Northwest Ferris Avenue in Lawton.

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