Monday, March 17, 2008

Parthian Girl Discovered

In a fascinating, though short, article from CAIS (Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies), archaeologists have uncovered the 2000 year remains of an 8yo girl, buried with her treasures.

"LONDON, (CAIS) -- During the recent archaeological salvage excavations in Parthian site of Nakhl-e Ebrahimi village, near the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, Iranian archaeologists have discovered a crypt containing a body of eight-year-old girl and burial gifts, reported by Persian service of CHN on Friday.

The crypt and its contents are estimated to date back approximately 2200 years ago.

According to Abbas Norouzi, archaeologists working with ICHTO, the Parthian girl was buried in the crypt, placed in an embryonic position and with herself had 18 pieces of gifts, including cut-pendants and decorative beads all made of agates, as well as small pottery vessels and a number of jars.

The team in February discovered a large fortress dating back to the Arsacid dynasty (248 BCE-224 CE). The excavations have been carried out to salvage possible ancient sites before building developments totally engulf the region. The original Parthian name of the coastal village is unknown."

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