Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lady Macbeth

I first came across the tragic figure of Lady Macbeth from Shakespeare - my second meeting with this mysterious woman came from Nigel Tranter's "Macbeth the King" (1981 edition). Since then my fascination for her took off and in 1998 I published my own little biography on Gruoch, Lady Macbeth, on "Women of History".

Recently, I came across an amazing website - "Word Wenches" - and lo and behold! one of their members had just written a historical novel on Lady Macbeth.

The following will take you through the "Word Wenches" site and you can read the two-part interview with Susan Fraser King, author of "Lady Macbeth: A Novel".

Excerpt: "Lady Macbeth: A Novel" by Susan Fraser King.

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