Sunday, October 28, 2007

Women of History - Biographies

Just a short note regarding the biographies that are featured here on Women of History.

They are short - yes, purposely so (I have my reasons for not publishing the more detailed biographies). Suffice to say, that the biographies featured here are really just a window into the fascinating lives of these women.

Now, how do I select who to feature - well, at the moment I am re-publishing a lot of those biographies that I featured on my original Women of History website - which is 9years old!!!! However, there are some new one included as well.

I have, at present, many thousands of biographies from which to chose from - some are merely snippets whilst others are lenghty and quite detailed. So the options are endless.

However, as you may have noticed, I do tend to get side-tracked every now and again, and off I go chasing some historical event that has piqued my interest. (I tend to have a few things "on the go" at any one time).

Well, please continue to enjoy the biographies of history's fascinating women.

~~~ Melisende


Daphne said...

I think your biographies are great!

Melisende said...

Thanks Daphne.

I've added your Blog to my list - I love historical fiction as well as the non-fiction.

Thanks again for dropping by.

~~~ Melisende