Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Trotula Plataerius

(11th Century AD)
Professor & Doctor

Trotula was an Italian woman who achieved fame in the medical profession. She was considered the most knowledgable of all women physicians of her time (and after).

Based at the medical school at Salerno, Trotula was a leading gynacologist and obstetrician, and also specialised in the study of dermatology and epilepsy. It was in the specialist field that Trotula became noted for her unique diagnostis methods: she used skilled questioning and close observation, and experience, to recognise the symptoms (a practice that was unheard of a the time).

Trotula was famed for her much-copied book on obstetrics and gynaecology. At the medical school of Salerno, Trotula was considered the most knowledgable of all the teachers (male and female) by her students, who included Rudolph Malecouronne, who studied under her (1040-1056) and went on to become the most important physician in Western France.

~~~ Melisende (first pub: 1998 Women of History)

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