Sunday, May 3, 2020

Ancient Egyptian teenage mummy buried 3,600 years ago found with bridal clothes and jewellery intact

From The Sun:
An ancient Egyptian teenage girl has been found buried with her 'bridal jewellery'.

 The coffin was uncovered during a project involving a Spanish teamThe treasures buried with the mummy in the 3,600 year old coffin are thought to be a dowry of expensive items that would have been gifted with a bride at a wedding.

The fascinating discovery was made by a Spanish team working at a necropolis in Luxor, Egypt.

The team, from the Djehuty Project, found the coffin on a hill called Dra Abu el-Naga.  In ancient times this would have been in the city of Thebes, the capital of Egypt in the Middle and New Kingdom periods.

The wooden coffin was discovered in an impressively well-preserved state and some of its white paint was still intact.

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