Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Memorial to the Lost 29

From the Evening Times:
A memorial to 29 women killed in one of Glasgow’s worst industrial disasters is to be fully restored.

As the 121st anniversary of the Templeton carpet factory collapse is commemorated today, it has been announced the granite memorial, erected in Bridgeton in September 1954, will be restored.

The memorial garden, on the corner of London Road and Tobago Street, in the East End, commemorates the women who lost their lives at the New Mill on November 1, 1889.

At about 5.15pm that day, unusually high winds caused a large section of the building to fall into the adjoining weaving shed, burying many of the 140-strong workforce, which was almost entirely made up of East End women.

The collapse killed 29 women at the factory in William Street, which was renamed Templeton Street.

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