Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dzagbe Cudjoe

From Ghana News, an interview with author Dzagbe Cudjoe:

"Born in Chesham, England, the author has an MA in Ethnology from the University of Munich, Germany. She has worked at the Ghana National Museum & University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Research Field West African Traditional Religion. She is a member of the World Federation of Healing and works with children with severe physical and / or learning disabilities, using dance and movement therapy to help with rehabilitation."

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Unknown said...

Hi there, Thank you for featuring this amazing woman! I am honoured and blessed to have her as a close family friend as well as being her manager, publicist and sounding board. Presently she is with us on a tour of Southern Africa and we are updating blogs and websites with details of her trips. Look out for the videos and slideshows of her various visits toschools, organisations and places of local interest. Thank you once again.