Saturday, June 28, 2008

Inequality In The Workforce

Are women being unfairly treated in the workplace when it comes to promotion and / or demotion??

Take, for example, a recent story from Baltimore, USA where a woman claims she has not only been discriminated against due to her sex but also her race. Are we still in the cycle of sexism and racism in the workplace??? Have we not yet risen above gender and racial inequality???

The Examiner reports that Rene Swafford was demoted from her local government position due not only to her gender but her race. Swafford claims that the racism is obvious from the fact that many of her duties were given to "a white employee". Swafford also alleges that here appointment was resented and that efforts to carry out her duties in a satisfactory manner were being thwarted.

Yet the County counters Swafford's arguements by commenting that approximately "18 percent of the county government’s 45 top level positions are black, and 62 percent are women". So why is Swafford's not the only case being investigated???

Whilst a Utopian society of gender and racial equality is not a current reality, surely it cannot be that far off.

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