Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Women's" Groups

Throughout my recent working life, I have come across a couple of women's groups that, at first, I didn't really know much about - except that their objectives seem to be dedicated to women's and family issues.

Zonta International
This group was founded in the US in 1919 to serve "as a platform for increased advocacy and service delivery for advancing the status of women worldwide".

Aims of Zonta:
  • improve the legal, political, economic, health, educational and professional status of women through service and advocacy;
  • work for the advancement of understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of executives in business and the professions;
  • promote justice and universal respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms;
  • be united internationally to foster high ethical standards, implement service programs, and provide mutual support and fellowship for members who serve their communities, their nations and the world.

VIEW Club:
VIEW was founded by the Smith Family in 1960 "as a service to women. It provided an opportunity to promote the Voice, Interests and Entertainment of Women at a time whem women were restricted by legislation and regulation..."

"Today, VIEW has continued as an organisation with a twofold purpose: to provide a support network for women to meet in friendship and to support the work of The Smith Family."

I know from first hand experience (ie: eavesdropping on a few of their luncheon meetings) the good work that VIEW does. The women meet each month, organise social and fund-raising events to assist those less fortunate than ourselves. I know the women of my local VIEW Club do a lot of work in providing school supplies (books, stationary, scholarships) for kids who might otherwise go without.

So, just a quick rundown on a couple of women's groups in my local area that really do subscribe to the "charity begins at home" creedo.

What's going on in your local area .....

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