Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Question of Joan

This subject, Joan of Arc, has been nagging away inside my head for the past week, as a debate rages over whether this famous medieval woman was rather too overrated or not.

Just how did a supposedly illiterate and uneducated peasant girl who spent her days herding sheep, manage to lead the French army to its victory at Orleans?

Bearing in mind that Joan first appeared before the French Dauphin at Chinon c.6th March 1429 and then found herself at the siege of Orleans - April 1429. So, in barely one month, this mere slip of a girl managed to acquire such a font of military tactical knowledge and fighting experience which enabled her to embark on one of the most remarkable military careers of the medieval period.

Quite frankly it beggars belief. The phrase " ..... and here is one we prepared earlier" springs to mind.

Am I the only one who feels that Joan's whole "career", including her "military service" (April 1429 to her capture in May 1430), was cleverly carefully stage-managed from beginning to end??

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Jackie Hodson said...

Ah. No. You're not the only one :o)
I've spent the past 15 years (on and off) researching Joan and - for what it's worth - I too believe that she was part of a very clever 15th century PR exercise!!! Very little about her story rings true. There is an answer somewhere......!