Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thai Businesswomen Honoured

From Taiwan Today:
"Seven women in southern Taiwan’s Chiayi County were honored Sunday for their innovative business strategies and their efforts to promote local specialty products.

The awards ceremony was organized by a local women’s rights promotion association as part of March 8 Women’s Day celebrations. An association spokeswoman said that all the award winners are hard working, perseverant, creative and independent thinkers."

Those honoured were:
* Lin Lu, head of Rice Garden Co.
* Lai A-miao, a tea promoter
* Yang Su-chen, an orchid master
* Liao Li-chia, a kumquat master
* Lu Mei-hsiu, who has a master’s degree in business administration and raises stud boars
* Lu Yang Hsiu-mei, head of the 118-year-old Ching Chang Li Food Enterprise
* Huang A-chia, known for developments in aquaculture

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