Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DV Act vs Dowry Act

From the Times of India:
"Police officials candidly claim that people are not aware about the Domestic Violence Act 2005, and its related laws and as a result, the victims (women) insist police to lodge their cases under 498 A of IPC asserting that Dowry Act may be more influential to teach a lesson to their errant husbands.

The fact is that DV Act can bring back the rights of the victims. But, lack of knowledge has been a major obstacle for women to get their rights. The police department, however, claims that they have been apprising the victims about the importance of DV Act, 2005 but all in vain.

In year 2008, the police had registered as many as 252 cases under 498 A of IPC. But when police investigated cases thoroughly, police claim that in around 70 per cent of these cases, domestic violence was the main problem with victims. As these victims were not aware about the Domestic Violence Act 2005, they simply asked police to lodge the case under Dowry Act despite knowing the fact that the case had to do nothing with dowry problem."

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San said...

I appreciate highlighting the issue of misue of dowry laws to settle personal scores.. But unfortunately women these days are misuing both these laws for their vested interests.. Usualy a women filing a case under DV will also file a case under Dowry and wise versa only to harras the husaband and inlaws and force them for a huge settlement amount.. The fact is that either of these laws help women to go and continue a dignified married life once a case if filed.. The law is only used when they are sure they want to go for divorce and now the only intention is to extort money from the husband before parting ways.. The genuine cases are going unnoticed due to such rampant misuse and most the rural women who may be needing this law may not even be aware.. BUt anyways both these laws are an ass and are of no help in genuine cases.. A relationship and only suceed if both parties respect each other and have faith.. Well if things dont work out or either of the partner is abusive and beyond control then simply move out filing a divorce.. filing a case under 498a or DV is not gougn to help as eventually you will part ways but only after filoing the lawyers coffers, frustrations and slow court processes.. and who gains in all this?? I doubt the women really gains anything.. Asking for maintenance especialy when no kids are involved is again a cowardice act.. why cant women who boast about empwerment work for themselvesa nd show some self respect.. Actualy these laws are making women more dependent and disempowering them by offering 50 5 of husband property free by filing cases on flimsy grounds. ANd what about husbands who are under domestic violence from their wifes where is the respite for them.. are they not humans.. so where is their human rights??