Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Story of Hafsah

From Arab News:
"Hafsah was the only one among the Prophet’s wives who was divorced by the Prophet (peace be upon him). There are several reports suggesting the reason for the divorce, but none of them carries much weight so as to be more probable. It is perhaps better to say that the main reason was Hafsah’s own character, while one or the other of these suggested reasons triggered the Prophet’s action. She was a woman of strong character, bold and self-assured. When the Prophet divorced her, she was extremely sad. However, it was her father who felt the divorce to be his own personal catastrophe.

However, the divorce did not last long. The angel Gabriel came to the Prophet with this order: “God commands you to take Hafsah back, as a kindness to Umar.” Another report suggests that Gabriel said: “God commands you to take Hafsah back, for she is a highly devoted servant of God and she is your wife in heaven.” Needless to say, the Prophet immediately carried out God’s order and Hafsah was back as one of the Prophet’s wives, the mothers of all believers."

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