Sunday, March 8, 2009

Navanethem Pillay on IWD

Navanethem Pillay is United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights - here are her thoughts on celebrating International Women's Day.

From The Gleaner:
"In my lifetime, I have seen unimaginable change, in my own country and around the world. I have seen the power of ordinary people who have stood up against the injustices they faced and who have triumphed against all odds.

Today, I am celebrating the power of women, the power to overcome the particular vulnerabilities resulting from these multiple forms of discrimination.

There are benchmarks of progress - women in parliament, women heads of state, women on the highest courts, and women in the UN. Perhaps as a result, I see girls around the world growing up with a different sense of themselves than I and most women of my generation were given. These girls are powerful. They say no to harmful practices such as early marriage, female genital mutilation and sexual harassment. They want to go to school and get an education. They want to be lawyers, doctors, judges, members of parliament. They want to change the world they live in. I know they will and I celebrate these girls on International Women's Day. They are our future."

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