Monday, March 30, 2009

Australian Brides - what's in a name?

"More Australian women are reverting to tradition by adopting their husbands' surnames when they marry.

And despite being an apparent nod to the past, the trend is said to be largely driven by technology - along with a loosening of feminist ideals.

American women's rights advocate Lucy Stone kicked off the idea of keeping maiden names when she refused to change to her husband's surname at the altar in 1921.

In recent years there have been several variations, with many women - and some men - embracing double-barrelled surnames when they marry.

But Melissa Johnstone, who sells name-change kits through her website, said there had been a20 per cent increase in the number of women changing to their husbands' surnames in the past year. "


Anonymous said...

The actual date of Stone's wedding was 1855, not 1921. She died in 1893.

~~Nate Levin

Melisende said...

Thanks Nate - seems the article writer got it wrong.

However, that makes her stand even more noteworthy!

Anonymous said...

Yes, those women of the mid-19th century were giants.