Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shefalee Vasudev

From the International Herald Tribune:
"Shefalee Vasudev was a news journalist for 15 years and worked with various newspapers and magazines before joining the Outlook Group to head Marie Claire India as its first editor.

In her three years at Marie Claire, Shefalee has been instrumental in drawing up Let Me Be Me, an influential campaign against moral policing in Indian society. She later conceptualized and mounted Made in India, the first Fashion Awards in the country. These awards are related to a series of special reports that link mastercraftsmen and textile weavers with designers and luxury retailers."


Unknown said...

Iam shefalee~s schoolmate

rohit said...

she was very intelligent and hard working

Anonymous said...

She is very intelligent and hard working .. we people of gandidham-adipur feel proud of her

chintan mehta

Anonymous said...

i feel she is a wannabe shobha de!

Anonymous said...

She is a compulsive liar...and goes on and on about being honest!

Anonymous said...

she is my teacher and my idol.. love her..