Monday, March 30, 2009

Ana Paula dos Santos: No to violence against women

From allAfrica:
"Angolan first lady, Ana Paula dos Santos, said Sunday in Luanda that men use violence against women as a way of showing authority and supremacy.

The first lady said so to the press after attending the "Health and Wellbeing" event, organised by Deana Day Beauty and Aesthetics Centre.

According to Ana Paula, in using force, men only get to have women more distant and their own (men) image damaged.

To the first lady, women are not fragile beings, on contrary they are just sensitive and men who practice acts of violence against them are cowards who feel inferior and seek ways to hurt them physical and psychologically.

Ana Paula dos Santos appealed to men to learn that women are a strong being that can be a partner and a friend within or outside the home.

As to the event, Ana Paula dos Santos said it is a call to all women to participate in physical activities, take care of their physical, mental and spiritual health that is essential for a good social performance.

The "Health and Wellbeing" event is part of the celebrations of the Women month (Março) and the Father's day."

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