Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boys: the new girls

A rather cheeky article from Nick Curtis of the Evening Standard:
"Confirmation that male beautification is on the rise came with the sighting this weekend of Prince Harry's nail varnish. We'd already grown acclimatised to footballers like David Beckham and comedians such as David Walliams plucking and painting like billy-ho. We'd become blasé about film stars and TV presenters, such as High School Musical's Zac Efron and Alex Zane, slapping on the slap. Thanks to Eddie Izzard we've even adjusted to the idea of a butch, bearded, heterosexual man in full maquillage.

But this was a strapping, martial male royal - a war veteran and a roister-doister of the first order - with the cuticles of his left hand varnished a fetching pink. The rest of us are clearly going to have to raise our cosmetic game."


Anonymous said...

I always joke that they need to change the signs on the public restrooms. I blame alan alda.

Huscarl said...

Most Englishmen and lads (especially Yorkshiremen!!) will always buck this effeminate 'Dandy' trend, Mel!