Sunday, March 22, 2009

Anna Bligh

Congratulations to Anna Bligh - the first woman to be elected a State Premier in Australia.

From the Courier Mail:
"Ms Bligh has created history last night, defying every opinion poll, to easily win the Queensland election and earn the Labor Party a fifth consecutive term.

The 48-year-old mother of two became the first female politician to be elected a premier in any Australian state.

Labor suffered a 4 per cent swing across the state yesterday but it was half what the Liberal National Party required to win government."

From The Standard:
"Queenslanders yesterday elected Labor under Anna Bligh to a fifth term in government. Anna Bligh now becomes the first woman to be elected as Premier in Australia - Joan Kirner and Carmen Lawrence were both appointed after the resignations of Peter Dowding and John Cain respectively, and Anna became Premier in Queensland when Peter Beattie resigned.

The recently united Liberal/Country Party under Lawrence Springborg needed a swing of 7.6% to win government, and in the end achieved around 4%, much less than many had expected.

Bligh’s campaign was built around a relentless focus on protecting Queenslanders’ jobs."

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