Saturday, March 28, 2009

Historical Women of USA

Great website that I thought I would share with you: Legends of America, which has a great list of Historical Women.
"Limited in their legal rights and accepted customs of society at the time, women mostly honored their husbands demands and spent their time cooking meals, tending to children, watering the horses and taking care of the household chores. But that was not always the case. There are hundreds of women who stand out in American history, due to their strong characters, contributions to society, or plain old interesting personalities.

From the hardy pioneers who crossed the vast prairies and mountains heading westward, to nurses, abolitionists, stagecoach drivers, and even a few doctors and soldiers, you'll find their stories here.

For those less fortunate, forced by circumstance, need, and sometimes adventure, you'll also find female outlaws, gamblers, powerful Madams, their brothels and a bevy of soiled doves.

In the days when the West was ruled by the gun, it took a woman of great character and strong resolve to survive."

Check out the alphabetical listing here.

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