Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Muslim Women and Sport

From Google News:
In red-and-white uniforms which cover all but their hands and face, Saudi women pioneers with their basketballs and footballs are puncturing strict religious taboos.

Jeddah United train four times a week away from the prying eyes of men.

Yet just playing basketball is revolutionary in Saudi Arabia, where an ultra-conservative version of Islam means women can't go out in public without guardians, can not drive, and can't even attend men's sports events.

Formed last year in the port city of Jeddah, the team is made up of mostly women from well-off families, some like the founder and team captain Lina al-Maina graduates of US schools, where they picked up a liking for the game.

The two women see their passions as breaking through the country's strict taboo on women's sports.

Abdallah hopes King's United will "serve as the seeds for a national team."

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A Vecchioni said...

Great bit of news. I hope the games get media coverage like any other sport---if so, it's very likely to sustain an open forum of discussion & help to facilitate cultural change.