Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers and Ministers

From News Journal:
The job descriptions for mother and minister can be difficult to distinguish — nurturer, counselor, guide and, yes, lecturer and sometimes scolder.

The pastor of McCrary's Chapel United Methodist Church in Liberty City, Austin provides a sweet influence to more than her own two grown sons, Channing and Bradley Bryant. She has a whole congregation of charges, and makes sure to conduct a children's sermon every Sunday.

The Rev. Virginia Wall remembers what her two grown children said to her when she was pondering the ministry. She said being a minister opens the door to guide her children, 29-year-old Crystal Fry and Terance Wall, 23, both of whom live in the Houston area.

The Rev. Carol Petty served as assistant rector at Trinity Episcopal Church in Longview until about two years ago when she left for another ministerial post. The Rev. Charlene Miller is head of schools at Trinity School of Texas, which is affiliated with the downtown Longview Episcopal church.

The Rev. Diana Casteel, pastor of St. Mark Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in Longview said Methodism welcomes women to the pulpit.

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