Saturday, May 16, 2009

Female Immigrants: Keeping Families Together

From Yahoo News:
The story of migration is no longer a man's story. It is increasingly becoming a woman's tale, according to "Women Immigrants: Stewards of the 21st Century," a new poll by New America Media. Immigrant women are taking charge in keeping their families together. At a time when more than one-third of families in the United States are single-parent households, 90 percent of women immigrants interviewed report that their families are intact, writes NAM Executive Director Sandy Close.

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A Vecchioni said...

I live in a community where over 30 languages are spoken. I'm not surprised by the 90% statistic. I see entire families at the park every night in my community. Children playing, women chatting amongst themselves, and the men talking politics, etc. Very different than the ordinary nuclear family sitting in front of the television or playing video games, surrounded by gadgets, unhappy if their electronic entertainment is outdated by 3 months.