Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Somalia - No Women : UN - No Aid

The United Nations World Food Programme curbed food aid to a million people in southern Somalia after Islamist rebels said the aid agency couldn’t employ women and had to pay it for security.

The al-Shabaab militia controls much of the southern and central parts of the country and has been fighting Somalia’s Western-backed government for the past two years along with other groups, including Hisbul-ul-Islam.

“In November, the al-Shabaab group set unreasonable conditions, saying we couldn’t employ women and that the WFP should pay al-Shabaab $20,000 every six months for security,” Peter Smerdon, a spokesman for the WFP, said in an interview from Nairobi, Kenya, today. “They also demanded that we do not deliver food to areas under their control and, as they control 95 percent of the area, this was unacceptable to us.”

Somalia hasn’t had a functioning central administration since 1991, when former dictator Mohamed Siad Barre was ousted. The continuing conflict has left much of the population dependent upon food aid.

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melisa said...

I do not know what to say...

I'm simply aghast. How could such people spend their life killing their own countrymen by letting them starve to death, just like in some other ideologically perverted countries.

The world established the UN to as much as possible provide security and peace on Earth, and protect the current age from history's unimaginable atrocities against mankind. I wonder how do we deal with these ones.