Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Author: Guida Jackson

From Global News Wire:
Women Leaders of Africa, Asia, Middle East, and Pacific, a comprehensive biographical reference for use in high school or beyond, is the first of a two-volume set that covers the lives and careers of powerful women leaders throughout history.

Volume I: Women Leaders of Africa, Asia, Middle East, and Pacific brings more than a hundred women leaders, including tribal queens and Muslim queens who ruled in their own right, from obscurity into the limelight. With its alphabetically and regionally arranged entries, this thoroughly researched book presents women, both famous and little known, who held the reins of power on two continents, one subcontinent, and many Pacific islands. Its companion, Volume II, covers Women Leaders of Europe and the Western Hemisphere.

In easy-to-read entries with suggestions for further reading, Jackson describes wise and altruistic stateswomen as well as rapacious and blood-thirsty killers. Their similarities and differences illustrate the many facets of leadership and power in both ancient and contemporary times. These stories reveal how women acquired and used power to serve their country, satisfy their own desires, or simply, by hook or by crook, maintain their own authority.

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