Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Magazines & Real Women

From the Herald Sun:
IT'S not often that you have to take your clothes off to make a serious political point. But in today's edition of this newspaper I have bared all in the name of improving the body image of women.

I'm not doing it to prolong my career as an Aussie supermodel, or to answer a calling as a table-top dancer.

Instead, I am taking the gauntlet thrown down by model Jennifer Hawkins this week, but making it real.

As a concept, it appears to have backfired somewhat, with the move appealing primarily to Ralph readers rather than normal women battling with a variety of body image issues.

Jen appears on the cover of the magazine without airbrushing, to show her body has real "flaws".

It's just that putting Jen's body up to make women feel good about their bodies is a bit like putting up Tiger Woods to make beginner golfers feel good about their bumbling game.

For another opinion on this - read Bianca Dye's article.

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