Saturday, December 19, 2009

US: Women and Warfare

From the Baxter Bulletin:
No longer are our veterans just the men who went to war but among them are the women who have heard shots fired in anger, and have fired back. Reportedly, nearly a quarter-million American women are recent war veterans.

Women have served in all branches of the service for generations and through America's wars. But today's military no longer is strictly all-male on the front line with woman serving in support roles in the safety of the rear echelon. That's because in today's war fronts in Afghanistan and Iraq, there is no "front line" and "safe" area behind the lines.

According to the AP series, many women veterans are returning with the same experiences, and the same problems, as their male counterparts, yet contend they haven't been treated the same. In a flashback to the Vietnam era, these women veterans say they're ignored and overlooked on their return home, even by their comrades in arms.

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