Monday, December 7, 2009

"Conjugal Wrongs"

"Conjugal Wrongs" is an insightful article by Kiera Lindsay (University of Melbourne) which appeared in Saturday's A2 section of The Age.

Briefly, the article dealt with the Irish "practice" of noble - yet often totally broke - men carrying off eligible heiresses and forcing them into marriage, all to gain their inheritance. Ten times out of ten, the bride was most unwilling - as were her family!

Apparently, approximately 200 "noblemen" were transported to Australia between 1797 to 1849 for the crime of "bride theft".

Kiera gives the example of Miss Mary Pike who was "abducted" on the night of 22nd July 1797 - yet she would not yield - and a reward was posted for the capture of one Sir Henry Browne Hayes of Cork.

It is a shame that I cannot re-direct you to an online version of this article as I know many would have love to read it.


Conjugal wrongs said...

Hi Malisende, eventually I found a link to the article which I also thought was fascinating and relevant to cultures where brides are still stolen,(kyrgysztan etc) and the acceptance or ignoring of the trafficking in women in all its forms takes here.

Anonymous said...

ooh Im not sure if the link appeared here it is again.

Melisende said...

Thank you so much!

Anastasia F-B said...

Hi, Malisende. Sorry, this is completely off topic. I just wanted to say that I discovered your blog in Blog Catalogue, where my own Ana the Imp site is now registered. I'm a history student, post grad, and I love your site. I shall now add myself to your followers. :-)

Melisende said...

Anastasia, Thanks for your message. I shall drop by your site.