Saturday, December 5, 2009

UN: Assist Women in Conflict Zones

From the News International:
On the occasion of South Asian Women’s Day, the civil society urged United Nations to play its role in stopping the war against terrorism and provide aid and technical skills to the affected women in conflict zones.

To express solidarity with the women of the region, activists and civil society organisations celebrate South Asian Women’s Day on November 30.

In this connection, a press statement issued by NGO Rozen observed that women of South Asia are suffering from a wide range of regional and global issues, including globalisation, militarisation, conflict, trafficking of women and children, and gender-based violence.

The statement says that globalisation and militarisation are not only promoting violence against women but also hiding problem areas that exist in stark violation of the UN charter on violence against women (VAW). It also urged the governments of South Asian countries to take affirmative actions for the elimination of all forms of violence against women.

The plight of Pakistani women, in general, and the women of NWFP and Federally Administered Tribal Areas, in particular, in the context of the international war against terrorism, was also highlighted in the statement. It said that the war of global powers for controlling regional resources of South Asia has further deteriorated the condition of women in the region, making them prone to all forms of dangers.

The statement demanded that the UN should initiate special developmental programmes for the affected masses of war and conflict zones, with special focus on women and children. It said that the organisation should allocate developmental funds for capacity development of the affected women of NWFP and tribal areas.

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