Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kenya: Women Say No To Local Brew

From Capital FM:
Kenyan women have taken issue with recent plans by government to legalise local brews saying it will facilitate moral decay.

Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organisation(MYWO) chairperson Rukia Subow said it would increase violence against women and their children and that it would also derail the youth from development activities.

Ms Subow said the government should instead focus on eradicating drug abuse in the country.

“I think they shouldn’t (legalise these brews); local brews are wrong. There are many unemployed young people in this country and they indulge in these cheap brews which is bad for their health and their minds. The police, the people themselves and the community policing programme should be strengthened so that people can fight it (local brews),” she said.

She also said MYWO was concerned with the recent killings of women by their husbands in various parts of Kenya that had so far seen three women killed in the past 11 days.

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