Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thin is out - Real is in

From Forbes:
Germany's highest-circulation women's magazine says it will stop working with professional models next year in favor of women whose bodies better resemble those of its readers.

Andreas Lebert, editor-in-chief for Brigitte magazine, said future photo spreads will feature a mix of prominent and unknown women who "have an identity" instead of those with "protruding bones."

The move is the latest restriction on ultra-thin models, including a 2007 Spanish law banning the extremely thin from catwalks.

Brigitte has suffered a steady drop in readers over the past 20 years but with more than 719,000 copies sold per issue it remains Germany's most-read women's magazine.
From ABC News:

At his London fashion week show, designer Mark Fast decided that big was the new black. He used three plus-size models to showcase his trademark tight knitted dresses.

The decision to use size 12s and 14s instead of the standard size zero models led to a very public row between Mark Fast and his creative team. One of his stylists resigned on the spot, refusing to dress what were referred to as bigger girls.

Bigger girls to some, but at Germany's most popular women's magazine, they are simply referred to as normal.

One of the fashion directors at Brigitte is so fed up with having to photoshop skinny models to make them look fatter and healthier that she has decided to stop using models altogether in favour of real women.

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