Tuesday, October 13, 2009

India: Women Only Trains

From BBC News:
India recently introduced eight women-only trains in Delhi, Mumbai (Bombay), Calcutta and Madras (Chennai). Aimed at providing safety and comfort for growing numbers of working women, the "Ladies' Specials" have proved a big hit with their passengers, as the BBC's Geeta Pandey discovered in Delhi.

What's striking about the new trains - not counting the exclusively female passengers - is the bright colours. The front of the engine is painted blue and red and the carriages are bright yellow.

All eight coaches are interconnected and brightly lit. The cushioned seats are comfortable and ceiling fans make the journey pleasant on a humid evening.

The Ladies' Specials are the brainchild of Railways Minister Mamata Bannerji, who announced the service in this year's railway budget.

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