Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ireland: Women & Farming - A Response

I received a heart-wrenching email in response to the article "Ireland: Women & Farming" in which one reader wrote of her actual experience.

Her name is Portia, and I would like to summarise some of the information she revealed:
  • women are ordered by their husbands to remain home
  • many men object to their wives being employed in jobs that take them away from the farm - especially the work on the farm
  • some men have their wives committed to facilities in order to maintain their control of the family and property
  • many women stand to lose more when the marriage ends, and are often left homeless when the marriage disintergrates, their children often being disinherited

This woman overcame adversity and become empowered, retaking her life back into her own hands. I wish her nothing but the best - she is truly a notable woman.

Note: Please visit - Portia's Story

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