Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Women's Hall of Fame

From Auburnpub.com:
Seneca Falls is a small community, but it's one that has played a major role in American history. It was 161 years ago that the first convention for women's rights was held in Seneca Falls and 40 years ago that the idea for the National Women's Hall of Fame first took root.

Over the weekend, women from across the globe gathered to honor the 10 inductees of the Class if 2009.

The induction ceremony took place on Sunday afternoon at the New York State Chiropractic College to wrap up a long weekend of celebrations.

Shirley Hartley and M. Dale Steen were among the founding members of the hall of fame that sits in the heart of downtown Seneca Falls.

The class of 2009 included:
* Louise Bourgeois, a world renowned artist.
* Mildred Cohn, a scientist and biologist, who helped further the understanding of enzymatic reactions.
* Karen Decor, a nationally-recognized attorney and activist who is one of the most celebrated leaders of the women's movement.
* Susan Kelly-Dries, who has worked tirelessly to enact legal protection on behalf of battered women and children.
* Allie B. Latimer, a civil rights leader and activist.
* Emma Lazarus, a Jewish immigrant and American poet, who used her writing to advocate for a Jewish homeland and to fight against anti-Semitism.
* Ruth Patrick, a scientist, who was a pioneer in limnology, the study of the phenomena of freshwater bodies.
* Rebecca Talbot Perkins, a highly successful business woman and philanthropist.
* Susan Solomon, a leader in the field of atmospheric science.
* Kate Stoneman, the first woman admitted to practice law in New York.

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