Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What Women Want

A rather eye-opening article written by Renata Volpe in Business Report - just in time for "Women's Day" on August 9th.

"What do women want and need" takes a look at women and their roles in upper-management levels of the corporate field.

"So what do women want?

It is therefore not surprising that when you ask a woman what she wants, she often has no clue. Her natural roles of child bearer and mother alone dictate the direction of much of her energy. Over and above this she has spent her life being told by her parents, educators, religious figures and scripts who she may, may not, and should be. She has been influenced to take care of others rather than herself. Her self esteem is shattered. The connection between her mind, heart and spirit has effectively been broken by these multiple influencers."


Anonymous said...

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Melisende said...

Many thanks to both of you for your comments. I am glad you are enjoying the posts - I try to keep them varied and "international".

Many thanks again!

~~~ Mel