Saturday, August 16, 2008

Review: The Tudor Sisters

Making a trip to the local library today, I came away with a mixed bag of 10 books - a mix of non-fiction and fiction - but all to do with history.

I read this first one over a period of an hour and a half today.

"The Tudor Sisters" by Aileen Armitage is the story of Mary and Anne Boleyn. It begins with the death of their mother and finishes with Henry's impending marriage to Anne. For me, however, it is more the story of Mary. In this book, the author places Mary as the elder of the two sisters who went to France in the entourage of Mary Tudor when she married the King of France.

The book itself is barely 200 pages - and its easy to read, whether the Tudor period of English history takes your fancy or not. Though, not a fan of the abundance of Tudor fiction about, I did enjoy the book.

I think the story of Mary Boleyn is becoming more popular than that of her sister (and rival) Anne. Mary, at least, survived her entanglement with Henry VIII!.

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