Friday, August 29, 2008

Hillary Clinton

Not wanting to wade into the deep end of American politics - a subject on which I have absolutely no authority nor knowledge or understanding - I would like to post this article acknowledging Hillary's achievement.

From CNN Politics:
Hillary's Women Already Have Power
"Is there a score higher than an A+? I have heard about a hundred speeches by Sen. Hillary Clinton. Tuesday night's speech in Denver was a clarion call filled with power and grace.

Hillary's job at the Democratic National Convention was a big one. She had to make a strong and compelling case to any of her recalcitrant supporters for the election of Sen. Barack Obama. And she had to do it all in 23 minutes (including applause).

But Tuesday night she was strong and compassionate, comforting and combative, deeply intelligent and extremely charming. She did everything she needed to achieve for a united party and a dignified conclusion to her campaign for her supporters. I think she gave the speech of her life.

We have moved to the next step. That means that we no longer count firsts, we count what counts -- which is wins. Hillary Clinton's candidacy is important not only as a milestone. It is important as a beacon of expectation, not just hope. The expectation that comes with knowing that we are not waiting in line, we are in the race."

Continue reading (via the link above) for the fuller account of the article.

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