Thursday, August 14, 2008

Empress Faustina the Elder

"Archaeology" - a US publication - ran a story on the recent discovery of a "colossal" head of the Roman Empress, Faustina the Elder.

Faustina's likeness has appeared on many items, from statues to coins.
"The find was made almost exactly one year after we discovered the remains of a colossal (ca. 5 m; 16 foot) statue of the emperor Hadrian (A.D. 117-138) at a spot about 6 m (20 feet) away."

From the article:
"Antoninus Pius married the daughter of a family friend from Ucibe (in Baetica, Spain), Annius Verus, who through her marriage (at the age of ten !) would become the empress Annia Galeria Faustina (the Elder). In contrast with the messy marriage of Hadrian and Sabina, the Elder Faustina and Antoninus Pius had a happy marriage, lasting 31 years until Faustina's death in A.D. 141. While adopting Antoninus Pius as his son and successor, Hadrian tried to assure the dynasty's future by forcing him to adopt two sons. These were Faustina's brother's son M. Annius Verus, who would rule as Marcus Aurelius and marry Faustina's daughter the Younger Faustina, and the son of Aelius Caesar, L. Ceionius Commodus, better known as Lucius Verus, who would marry Marcus Aurelius' daughter Lucilla."

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