Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sil Lai Abrams - No More Drama

From The Grio:
As a magazine columnist, motivational speaker and published book author (No More Drama, Sepia Press Publishing, 2007), you'd figure this sista is simply "too put together" to have been caught up with a man who would raise his voice at her, let alone his fists.

A former runway model, Sil Lai's posture, even while nestled comfortably in an armchair in her living room, is astute and refined. She has no problem telling you she is 41. But her well-kept figure, vibrant demeanor and unblemished, caramel skin tone gives the appearance of a young woman many years her junior.

But during our hour-long interview in her Park Slope apartment in Brooklyn, she recalled a less-than-confident 22-year old version of her former self who struggled with low self-esteem and bouts with alcoholism. She also was a single mother to a young son while pursuing a demanding modeling career with no familial or financial support.

It took just three weeks into their relationship before he displayed the signs of an abuser: controlling her every step, intimidation, using abusive language, etc. Two years would pass before Scott laid his hands on her. It took place while they were moving into their new apartment in The Bronx.

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