Monday, September 26, 2011

Forgotten Female Artists of the 19th Century

From the Epoch Times:
Although in Art History one hears a lot about artists from prior centuries, and recently more and more work is being done on women artists in general, there is one specific group of female painters that has been all but forgotten. The rare women artists who were Old Masters, such as Artemisia Gentileschi and Elisabeth Vigee-Le Brun, as well as painters from the Impressionist movement and forward such as Mary Cassatt and Georgia O'Keeffe have been given much acclaim. But what of female painters from the almost forgotten classical tradition of the 19th Century; names such as Elizabeth Jane Gardner Bouguereau, Elizabeth Southerden Thompson, Lady Laura Teresa Alma-Tadema, Evelyn De Morgan, and Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale? One does not often hear about these artists from this only recently reviving period of art, and this article will focus on these women and their accomplishments in paint.

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