Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mossad, Women & Israel

From Spoonfed:
Ahead of her new play Honeypot, premièring at New Diorama Theatre, Naima Khan talks to Julia Pascal about Europe's hand in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and Mossad's use of women following the 1972 Olypmic killings in Munich.

In choosing a female central character (based on a real woman Julia befriended in the late '80s), and structuring her history and personal life so thoughtfully, Pascal gets to dwell on many of the issues that surround the power of the honeypot. “Her search for an identity, and her overt sexuality, are used as a weapon and a drug. She is fractured and disturbed, but she also challenges all the stereotypes surrounding women – as a mother, as a daughter.” Though outwardly she addresses a war fought on many fronts, Susanne's journey also relates to an ongoing internal conflict that rings true for anyone concerned with the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

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