Saturday, August 7, 2010

Giant Panties Outsell G-Strings

From the Daily Telegraph:
THE bottom has fallen out of the g-string market as women swap them for gigantic waist-hugging underwear.
Sales of Waistnippers brand self-proclaimed "magic" panties are soaring in Britain due to the fashion for hourglass figures. Up to twice the size of normal undies, they trim the tummy and push out the hips and breasts, The Sun reports.

Sales of the panties -- made famous by 1960s fashions on TV drama "Mad Men" -- are up 42 percent in three months.

Lingerie chain Rigby and Peller, which supplies Lady Gaga and Queen Elizabeth, said bigger panties outsell thongs two to one.

A Debenhams store spokeswoman said, "The only knickers to be seen in are sexy high-waist ones."

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