Saturday, August 21, 2010

Palestine & Its Women

From the Huffinton Post, Fadi Elsalameen reflects of the role of Palestinian Women:
After spending a month in Palestine visiting the government sector, the private sector, and the NGO sector, I am convinced of the following: Palestinian women are the biggest hope left for the future of Palestine.

Among many meetings, I met Mrs. Diala Saadeh, the Vice President of Global Operations at Sahem Trading & Investment Company in Ramallah. Diala left her job with Reuters in London and returned to Palestine to improve Palestine's global trading performance with Sahem. I learned for the first time that you could invest in Palestine while living abroad. I thought to myself, "we may not have the right of return yet, but we can still make tidy returns on our investments."

From YNET Magazine, Ali Waked reports on the growing role of women in Palestine:
Alongside the far-reaching achievements presented by the Palestinian government in its latest annual report, an additional, feminine revolution is taking place in the West Bank, touching on issues which have been considered taboo until recently.

The female presence in the Palestinian government institutions has become increasingly significant, and now – despite all difficulties – women are making their way to the top in other civilian areas, but also within the ranks of the security organizations.

One of the prominent places for the formation of the feminine Palestinian revolution is the legal arena. Only recently, and after women's organizations and human rights groups have been denouncing the extent of the "honor killing" phenomenon for years, the PA decided to remove the concept from the Palestinian agenda.

The PA's criminal law, which tended to show leniency towards such murders and mitigated the sentences of those responsible for them, has been changed following a Palestinian government decision that it would now be recognized as a regular murder.


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