Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mormon Feminism Is Back!

A new kind of feminism seems to be sweeping across Mormonism.

LDS women are connecting on the Internet, exploring women’s issues, debating theology and sharing their personal joys and agonies in the arms of their male-run church. Unconcerned about possible disapproval — and even hearing hints of encouragement in sermons — the faith’s “silent majority” is reaching out to tell its stories in new ways and new places to new audiences.

A prominent British newspaper, the Guardian, published an essay this week by LDS blogger Tresa Edmunds, who unabashedly explained her dual nature as a Mormon and a feminist. Also this week, Newsweek featured Neylan McBaine, founder of a website that profiles lively and unique LDS women, examining the changing views of Mormon motherhood.

This summer, Exponent II, the decades-old quarterly for Mormon women that stopped printing in 2006, was reborn.

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