Sunday, April 4, 2010

Women & Science

From VOA - Too Few Women In Science:
Two new studies have investigated why fewer females, compared to males, study and work in the so called STEM subjects in the United States. Those subjects are science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The American Association of University Women examined existing research. Its report, called “Why So Few?,” also suggested ways to interest more girls and women in the STEM fields. The researchers found that cultural and environmental factors make a difference.

Researcher Christianne Corbett says more boys than girls score very high on math tests in most countries. She says Iceland and Thailand are exceptions.

From Scientific American - Veteran Women BioMed Researchers Shortchanged:
You might expect young women scientists to make less than older men. But veteran female life science researchers, even in very advanced positions, still make less than their male counterparts. So finds a report in the journal Academic Medicine.

Women in the same academic positions as men worked more hours. But they made on average six to 15,000 dollars less per year than their male counterparts.

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