Saturday, April 17, 2010

Goa: Women Fire-Fighters

From Digital Goa:
Home Minister Ravi Naik today asked the Director of Fire Services Ashok Menon to place proposal before state government to induct women fire fighters. He was speaking on the occasion of 'National Fire Service Day' in the city today morning.

"We have only male fire fighters which needs to be revised. During any mishap when male rescuers save women, there may be issues that she is been manhandled. Women fighters should therefore be trained to handle situations and conduct rescue operations," he said at the gathering.

Each fire station, the minister said will have minimum 10 women fire fighters who will be trained in the Regional Training Centre in the St Inez head quarters.

Goa had 14 fire stations across the state with a proposal to set up new fire stations at Pilerne and Cuncolim. While, upgradation of Curchorem fire station, Menon said, will begin in two month with land already acquired y the government.

The department in the last five years has attended to 17,946 fire and emergency calls, saved lives of 866 humans and 826 animals and saved property to the tune of rupees 431.47 crores.

The director said they were intending to procure thermal cameras to locate victims in the difficult incident spots.

Menon had earlier admitted they were finding difficult to get a land to set up a fire station or fire outpost in the coastal belt of Goa.

The minister termed Fire Department as the most disciplined and the leading government department in Goa.

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