Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bridget Jones Love Life

From The Telegraph:
Four in 10 women in their late 20s fear their private lives resemble Bridget Jones's Diary, having already loved and lost Mr Right, according to a study.

Rather than being left on the shelf in their 30s, like author Helen Fielding's fictional singleton, women increasingly want to marry and have children sooner, researchers found.

Today’s 20-somethings said the optimum age to tie the knot is 26, with their first child being born a year later.

The findings contrast those of a decade ago, when the majority of women felt putting their careers and social lives first and waiting until after 30 was the recipe for blissful matrimony.

Chantelle Horton, editor of More, added: "Young women today no longer want to be party girls throughout their 20s only to reach their early 30s and find they've loved and lost Mr Right.

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