Monday, April 12, 2010

Valley of the Wolves

From YNet News:
The Turkish TV show which sparked a diplomatic crisis between Ankara and Jerusalem has now incurred the anger of those who were depicted by it as the victims. Female Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails called on the Saudi MBC channel Monday to stop airing the "Valley of the Wolves" series. They claim that a scene depicting a prisoner being raped by soldiers offends their honor.

"Valley of the Wolves" maintains a decidedly anti-Israeli tone depicting Mossad agents in Turkey as baby-snatchers, among other things. Following its broadcast, the Foreign Ministry summoned the Turkish ambassador to Israel for a reprimand in which he was publicly humiliated by being seated at a lower chair than Deputy Minister Daniel Ayalon.

Another Turkish TV show dubbed "Separation" portrayed IDF soldiers as child murderers and is now being broadcast on Arab channels.

According to a report in the London-based al-Quds al-Arabi, "Valley of the Wolves" focuses on the "suffering of a Palestinian family whose sons are killed by the Israeli army." The report states that Palestinian female inmates are outraged over a scene in which a supposed Palestinian prisoner named Miriam is being raped by IDF soldiers in an Israeli prison.

In a statement issued Monday, the prisoners said that the scene has no bearing with reality. "This is an attempt to slander the Palestinian female prisoner's image and mask its heroic role." The prisoners feel that the scene is offensive to Palestinian women portraying them as submissive.

"The broadcast of these images is a humiliation for the people and the whole nation and serves the occupation alone," the statement read.

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